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We're currently working on the website but we'll be back soon!

In the meantime, the Golden Thread Gallery is delighted to present LOVE ART BUY ART, a special showcase of local, exceptional artwork from artists who sell their work, available at accessible prices. This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who has ever wished to invest in an original piece of contemporary art by an artist whose work is gaining increasing acclaim and recognition.

LOVE ART BUY ART has been devised to be a direct response to the very difficult circumstances that we are all dealing with through the COVID crisis of 2020 and into 2021. Individual artist earnings have been decimated over the course of 2020. In order to support our local arts community in a meaningful way, the Golden Thread Gallery has selected nine artists for this opportunity to showcase their work.

The participating artists are: Lisa Allan, Lorraine Burrell, Catherine Davison, Richard Gosnold, Gerry Gleason, Michelle McKeown, Lisa Malone, Mhairi Sutherland and Gary Shaw.

Throughout February and March, we will be bringing you an online showcase of each of the artworks installed in the gallery. This will include profiling each artist through our website and social media, along with videos interviews and images of their work.

The GTG will not be taking any commission from sales made through LOVE ART BUY ART.

How do I buy an artwork?

All sales are through the artists themselves. You can drop us an email at and we will pass it on to the artist on your behalf.

For more information visit our Instagram or Facebook pages

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