Art and Protest with Sung Nam Han – a visiting artist and curator’s talk

The Golden Thread Gallery is delighted to welcome Sung Nam Han, Director of ‘Art in Country of Tokyo’ (AICOT) and the Interdisciplinary Art Festival Tokyo (IAFT) for an artist and curator’s talk in Belfast.

Sung Nam Han is the recent recipient of a prestigious research grant, enabling her to visit Belfast, Cardiff and London to share her insights into her work as an artist and organiser, and to meet other artists working with performance, moving image and time-based practices.

Sung Nam Han makes artworks around the theme of “What watching a video is”. Her work includes interactive art installations made using bluescreen editing or ‘keying’, and wearable / pocketable video works utilising smartphones, small cameras or monitors. She has also created work using Augmented Reality ‘AR’ technology and performances focussed on the concept of “super linear” which combine video, play and dance. She is currently working on the development of the IAFT 2020 festival with a special focus on women.

This is a very special opportunity to hear from a renowned international artist and curator here in Belfast, and we hope you can join us.

About IAFT

In 2009 IAFT was founded, as a reincarnation of “Far East Audio Visual Socialization (FEAVS),” to shatter the current norm of fixed spaces and audiences, and to discover artists who create new values going beyond the borders of artistic practice.


‘Art in Country of Tokyo’ 2019 is a new generation of international art projects that portray the city of Tokyo not as a large metropolis but as a region, bringing together the individuality and nature of the various areas outside the 23 wards through art.

Sung Nam Han would like to acknowledge the support of:

1. Organized by Interdisciplinary Art Festival Tokyo
2. Granted by The Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation
3. Granted by Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance Inc 「 SOMPO ART FUND 」 Association for Corporate Support of the Arts, Japan 2021 Fund for Creation of Society by the Arts and Culture

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