We’re delighted to introduce the latest member of the GTG Team, our new Front of House assistant Zoe Meeks! One week in, Zoe has written this wonderful piece on our current exhibitions, and her experience of the Gallery so far.


(c) Donovan Wylie; Photo by Simon Mills

At the intersection of the two current exhibition spaces – Donovan Wylie’s Lighthouse, and God is Meditating: Still, by Edy Fung – I’m drawn towards the darkened space of Lighthouse; spotlights upon the floor call you in, with whispered musings on the walls by Chris Klatell.

‘Waiting for a lover, for a ship, for a friend, for the barbarians to attack’

(c) Donovan Wylie; Photo by Simon Mills

Upon exploring the space and around each partitioned corner, my mind is immediately tempted to reference the iconography of ‘The Great Gatsby’ – It’s the allure of the perceived unobtainability, and the sense of longing that is evoked through these photographs, personally. From our very own coastline we can perceive the land of neighbouring Scotland, with light– It’s through the light where I perceive land, civilisation and longing.

My overall perception of Wylie’s works, which are based on the exploration of the physical barriers and politically-charged ones and the obstruction of the land and sea between it – Is the distance between two lands does not change. It is physical restrictions, cultural perceptions and political boundaries that widens the perceived separation and tension between two otherwise geographically close lands.


A single knock from a closing door triggers Edy Fung’s soundscape of determinism and prediction; Echoes of sound ring even throughout Gallery 1, but it is within the Project Space itself where we can best experience the work, which is informed by the exploration of the potential of determinism and predictions through the use of physical, ordinary objects, and meteorological compositions. A die is present – An element of chance, though even still there is a predictable set of results. 

My first week within this space has been an inviting one – New angles and interpretations to explore within each of these exhibitions every day.

Thanks to the Department of Communities Job Start scheme for their support for this new role. We’re so glad to have Zoe with us!