Friday 12th November – Saturday 4th December, Project Space

We’re delighted to welcome Outburst Arts Festival back to the Golden Thread once again! Join us to explore the fascinating, fearless art and archives of the Rebel Dykes History Project.

This extraordinary project collects, preserves and explores the history of the Rebel Dykes LGBTQ social justice and liberation movement. Outburst has worked with Siobhan Fahey and others from the Rebel Dykes History Project to bring a selection of creative works from this incredible collection – mostly housed at the Bishopsgate Institute – to Belfast.

Featuring photographs, stunning crafts and radical art videos from the 80s and 90s, this exhibition is a punk dyke time machine that confirms how the DIY and collective ideals of radical dyke culture reverberate and are as relevant today.

Outburst says that “the Rebel Dykes archive is used to: stimulate intergenerational debate and community; inspire lesbian and bisexual women (cis/trans/nb); work with academics to ensure the Rebel Dykes are included in history; work with artists, musicians, filmmakers and performers to create artworks; reignite and reinvent Rebel Dykes community in order to fight isolation amongst younger and older dykes and allies.”

On Saturday 13th from 3pm-5pm please join folks from the Rebel Dykes project and film in the gallery for a fun, relaxed dyke gathering and sharing on intergenerational creative archiving.

The award winning Rebel Dykes film screens at QFT Belfast at 6.15 Sunday 14th Nov.

Original exhibition Curated by Atalanta Kernick and Kat Hudson

Produced by Siobhan Fahey from REBEL DYKES HISTORY PROJECT CiC

Showing as part of Outburst Festival 2021

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