Over the eight weeks of our Buy Local Art campaign we shared work by 53 artists from across Northern Ireland and Ireland! That’s only a small sample of the incredible array of artists creating work on this island – artists whose talent and creativity should be supported and celebrated, especially in hard times. We are delighted to have played a small part in doing that.

Although the Buy Local art page will now be archived (to make room for something new and exciting!) and we are no longer accepting submissions, all the artworks and links remain available to explore in this post. Many thanks to all the artists who contributed!

Buy Local Art Archive from October – December 2020

Artists deconstruct the taken-for-granted narratives of our lives, our histories and our beliefs. Here at the Golden Thread Gallery, we’re deeply connected to local visual artists, and we’ve seen over this past year how many of them faced losing livelihoods, as galleries, museums and shops closed, exhibitions and art fairs were cancelled, and many of the ways in which artists make a living alongside their creative practice were curtailed.

To support local visual artists, we want to share our online platform to showcase work that artists have for sale.

Over the next months, we invite local visual artists, makers and designers to send us an image of their work, along with a link to their website and/or retail platform through which it can be purchased.* We’ll share the images and links here on this page, and promote this ‘Buy Local’ campaign across our online channels to our growing audiences.

We’re fortunate in Northern Ireland to be home to myriad talented, imaginative and daring artists of all kinds, from sculptors to musicians, actors to potters, weavers to dancers, poets to painters. And while we all know that culture has a value far more than simply its price, right now the best way to protect and support artists is to make sure they can afford to keep creating.

So, artists: please check out the instructions below and send us your work to share! And anyone looking to help our cultural landscape survive a very tough year, or for a special gift, or simply for something beautiful – browse the wonderful artwork!

Technical Requirements for Artists

  • Please submit only one sample image of your work as a digital file, along with your name, full contact details and a link to your website or social media (e.g. Instagram) and/or retail link.
  • Your contact details will not be shared publicly.
  • Images must be submitted as JPEGS
  • Images must not exceed 1080 x 1080 px at 72dpi
  • Maximum file size is 70KB
  • URL for your website and/or retail link must be direct, correct and functioning – please check before you send.
  • Email your JPEG and details to [email protected] with the subject line ‘Buy Local Artist Submission’.
  • Please note: we will be updating the page and adding new artists twice a week, therefore please be patient if your image and link takes a few days to appear.
  • We will not accept any hard copy works, e.g. prints or photographs.

*Terms & Conditions

The Golden Thread Gallery is not providing a sales system or handling any transactions directly. Artists are responsible for all sales.

The Golden Thread Gallery accepts no responsibility or liability, financial or otherwise, for any transaction made between an artist and buyer via this promotion, including technical or security issues at the point of sale, delivery delays, returns, damage or quality issues.

Artists are responsible for all their own transactions, including secure payment process, delivery and communicating with buyers.

Artists intending to sell their work must ensure they are using a safe, secure and reliable payment system which the buyer understands and accepts, and which complies with consumer protection regulations.

The Golden Thread Gallery is not responsible for communication between artist and buyer.

The Golden Thread Gallery receives no commision, financial stake or benefit from any transaction that takes place due to this promotion, nor do we receive any payment of any kind from the artists featured.

Submission, acceptance, acknowledgement and publication of an Artist image and link in this promotion does not constitute any form of contractual agreement between an artist and the Golden Thread Gallery, nor does it constitute any agreement to promote an artist’s work in the future.