Thursday 9th January 2020 5pm – 8pm

Start off your year in art with us at the launch of our latest exhibition in the Project Space on Thursday 9th January from 5pm to 8pm, part of the first Late Night Art Belfast of 2020.

The Salt House is an exhibition of new work by Sharon Kelly which grew from her discovery of a box of small black & white photographs taken by her parents in the early 1960’s.

The title image offers multiple versions of an out-of-bounds building housing piles of salt, situated at a railway track across the field from where the artist grew up in the West Country, England. Memories of the salt house became the catalyst for pondering the past. Kelly has drawn on memories and recollections to explore ideas around the nature of personal memory, space and childhood.

Filmmaker Éanna Mac Cana created this short documentary about the artist and the creation of The Salt House.

Kelly’s practice focuses and gravitates around drawing, incorporating moving image, stop-motion animation, painting and print. She often explores themes relating to the human condition; experience, memory, presence, absence and loss in her work. The idea of how we remember as we age and the intimate associations of daily toil, processes and structures is explored through everyday objects such as the clothes horse / airer and the fabric surface of a tea towel.  

Golden Thread Gallery’s Project Space

Our Project Space is a unique exhibition space in Northern Ireland, created to be responsive to current needs of artists and to support emerging artists and experimental work. Over the past few years the space has evolved to become a significant stepping stone for artists and curators as they transition to the next level of their careers. In 2020 we’ll continue to present challenging and exciting work by a diverse range of artists in the space, and we are delighted that this compelling exhibition by Sharon Kelly begins our programme.