Artist Talk: Raymond Watson

Artist Raymond Watson will give a talk exploring his work in ‘Agreement: The People’s Process’, reflecting on art in conflict transformation, reflection and peacebuilding the Golden Thread Gallery.

“I am perhaps among the few artists in Ireland who have first hand experience of the Irish/British political conflict.  This historical political discord (100s of years old) has been and is one important influence on art that I create.”

Raymond’s practice is diverse and hybrid, including site-specific installations. He creates public artwork, gallery based work and installation work, using a wide range of materials in order to visualize the themes he wishes to explore; for example, he has created audio visual installations, created with mud, bamboo and rice straw in India, ice and steel in Belfast, and oranges in Valencia.

His iconic ‘Hands of History‘ is an important, significant and truly unique artwork that captures a momentous and historic event in Irish history. To mark the 21st anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement and the 20th anniversary of the establishment of a power sharing assembly, Raymond has been casting the hands of a range of people from across the communities who have helped build the peace over the last twenty years. The Hands of History includes bronzes of the hands of Mo Mowlam, Gerry Adams, Bertie Ahern, Tony Blair, John Hume, Liz O’Donnell, George Mitchell, David Trimble and others who led the peace process, alongside the cast hands of those who continue to advance peacebuilding, including Monica McWilliams, Peter Robinson and the Rev Harold Good.

Raymond has been involved in a number of high-profile projects, and exhibited widely at home and across the globe, having exhibited in New York, France, Spain, India, England, Holland, Italy and the Basque Country.

The talk is free of charge and free and tea/coffee will be served. Please join us!

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