The Soft Estate


The Soft Estate
Artist – Phillip Napier and Mike Hogg

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The Soft Estate
Artist – Phillip Napier and Mike Hogg

Fully illustrated in colour
ISBN 10:0-9549633-2-6
ISBN 13: 978-0-9549633-2-3
Format: Soft back
No. of pages: 50
Published by Golden Thread Gallery
Ed. Of 500

Hogg and Napier both recognise fateful gaps in our political and cultural legacy . This collaborative project comprises of two tables, each a counterpoint to the other. The first is a replica of the table which was designed for the Titanic by Gilbert Logan & Sons. The replication has been wound open to allow room for extension.  The counterpoint table is stretched and shored up to prevent collapse. There is a multi layered symbolism relating to the status of Gilbert Logan & Sons and the question of negotiation and change.  Both artists have worked together to contemplate and facilitate these notions of negotiation, and have communicated this through the works of art.

With forward by Peter Richards and contributions by Liam Kelly and Declan Long.


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