Commodity Form


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Commodity Form: Colin Darke & David Mabb
Essays by each artist on the other’s work

Fully illustrated in colour
ISBN 978-0-9557469-1-8
Format: Soft back
Size: 21cm x 21cm
No. of Pages: 96
Published by Golden Thread Gallery

Commodity Form, a two-person exhibition by Colin Darke and David Mabb, featuring  two substantial bodies of work with interlinking concerns.

The Capital Paintings, a series of 480 paintings from Colin Darke, follows on from a previous work, Capital, which consisted of 480 found objects (laminated) onto which had been transcribed the three volumes of Karl Marx’s Das Kapital. The Capital Paintings do not contain the transcriptions, but rather use the depiction of the objects to question the means of production.

David Mabb’s Rhythm 69 is composed of a series of 70 paintings. Pages from a block-printed William Morris wallpaper pattern book from the 1960s have been glued onto individual canvases. A number of images by Hans Richter are sequentially painted onto each page from the Morris wallpaper pattern book.

Collective Histories of Northern Ireland 004

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