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Annoucing notte sopra, vipere sotto

The Golden Thread Gallery is delighted to present, Winnipeg-based (Ca) artist Irene Bindi’s first solo exhibition in the North of Ireland, ‘Annoucing notte sopra, vipere sotto’. Bindi’s project initiated at an Artarcadia artists-residency in Le Caselle, Italy, takes as its starting point Oskar Fishinger’s ‘Walking from Berlin to Munich’ (1927). As an exercise, Bindi walked […]

DAS Short Programme

The DAS Short Programme Featuring artists: Sylvia Javen; Nicky Larking; Laurie Sumiye; Jacqueline Holt; and David Prince   The Golden Thread Gallery is delighted to present the DAS Short Programme of moving image works. This programme features work produced by artists in residence at the Digital Arts Studios. Including artists who have been living in Belfast for a […]

Separate Systems: AMINI Graduate Award Showcase

Separate Systems AMINI Graduate Award Showcase; featuring artists: Marta Dyczowska; Joey O'Gorman; and Dara Flanagan   AMINI is delighted to present Separate Systems, a showcase of work from our Graduate Award Winners. Since 2016 the award has been selected each year from moving image work presented at the Belfast School of Art Degree Show. Tomorrow […]

Death of a Hunter

Death of a Hunter Curated by Peter Richards, featuring artist: Oona Doherty The Golden Thread Gallery is delighted to present Death of a Hunter, Oona Doherty’s first solo gallery presentation and the gallery’s first dance/choreographic exhibition. Featuring video presentation and installation, Death of a Hunter translates dance and narrative story-telling into a visual arts exhibition […]

Barbara Hammer

Barbara Hammer Golden Thread Gallery is delighted to be showing, as part of this year’s Outburst Queer Arts Festival, three films by the acclaimed filmmaker Barbara Hammer. Hammer is considered the foremost pioneer of queer feminist cinema. For more than forty years she has been making film, photography, performance and installation which has influenced two […]

Dissolving Histories: New Narratives

Dissolving Histories – New Narratives Co-curated by Peter Richards and Paul Seawright; featuring artists: Pauline Rowan; Jan McCullough; Helena Hamilton; and Gail Mahon. Golden Thread gallery is delighted to announce the second in its annual Dissolving Histories exhibitions, this year under the name New Narratives. The series follows on from the acclaimed Collective Histories of […]

Porous Plane

Porous Plane Curated by Peter Richards; featuring artist: Ciarán Lennon Come and stand in front of artworks that are larger than you. Make time to fill your field of vison with Lennon’s innovation in ‘non image’ art, an art form he has dedicated his life to developing through rigorous research and experimentation since the 1970’s. The […]


Lovelustinglongin Curated by Peter Richards; featuring artist: Sue Williams   Come along and immerse yourself in the visual overload of ‘LoveLustLonging’, Sue Williams’ first solo exhibition in the North of Ireland in more than a decade. In this exhibition internationally renowned artist Sue Williams reflects the sense of a society perpetuating its own fear. The […]


Offsides Curated bu Peter Richards; featuring artist: Oorlagh George   Offsides is a triptych projection installation. Three screens play distinct versions of the same scene in a continuous loop. Each is a vertical video of a young man violently attacking a car, as seen from inside the car, where an older man sits in the […]

Do Governments Lie?

Do Governments Lie? Curated by Peter Richards; featuring artists: Erik Kessels; Philippe Chacel; and Marc Lee   Asking the question Do Governments Lie? The Golden Thread Gallery presents three solo exhibitions by photographic artists Erik Kessels, Phillippe Chancel and Marc Lee. Each bringing their own visual perspective to a question that has a multitude of […]

‘Flux In Flow’ Collaborative Performance Alastair MacLennan & Sandra Corrigan Breathnach

The Golden Thread Gallery is delighted to present 'Flux In Flow', an eight hour collaborative performance by Alastair MacLennan and Sandra Corrigan Breathnach. "Time 'the conscious experience of duration'1. MacLennan and Corrigan-Breathnach's performance will look at taking time to pause, observe and consider how we as human beings try to measure time. Our constructed measurement […]

Noise of Silence: Japanese Art Now

Noise of Silence: Japanese Art Now Co-curated by: Peter Richards; Nozomu Ogawa; Shiro Masuyama; featuring artists: Yusuke Asai; Midori Mitamura; Kyunchome; Takahiro Suzuki ; Fuyuka Shindo; Takuro Kotaka; Atsushi Yamamoto; Hikaru Suzuki; Marico Aoki; and Shiro Masuyama featuring Taira Ichikawa   August 10th sees the Golden Thread Gallery opening its doors to the largest exhibition […]