This month the GTG team is going to be making every mile we go count for refugees – we’re taking part in the British Red Cross Miles for Refugees fundraising event!

We will be walking, running, rowing, cycling and swimming a target distance of 72 miles – that’s the distance someone may have travelled from Damascus to Beirut to reach safety.

Please sponsor the GTG team via our Just Giving page here!

The money we raise will help change the lives of refugees in the UK by providing essential items like food parcels, baby packs, mobile phones to enable people to stay in contact with loved ones and sessions with case workers who provide advice and help to reunite families.

An estimated 85 million people around the world have been forced from their homes, the largest global displacement of people since World War II. The British Red Cross supports refugees to adjust to their new life in the UK in a number of ways – from reuniting families torn apart by war, to giving young refugees advice on careers and mental health support, to providing a lifeline for families with food and hygiene packs as they navigate the asylum system in the UK.

Thank you for your generosity ❤️ we’ve got our running shoes on!