Golden Thread Gallery invites you to a series of online discussions about diversity and inclusion in the arts, supported by the Community Foundation NI New Needs fund. These three discussions online are part of a series of events that will encompass webinars, talks and workshops, all focussed on widening participation within the arts sector.

Esther Andare, the gallery’s New Needs Intern, will host the online discussions, exploring what improvements are needed in striving for more inclusivity and engagement for people from a Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic background.

Our first event on 14th November is aimed at individuals of colour or who identify as part of a minority ethnic community, to discuss their personal experiences as audience members. It aims to create a space for a candid conversation to cover topics including:

  • The current state of diversity within the arts and Esther’s personal experiences
  • A discussion about possible strategies and best practices to increase inclusivity and community engagement
  • The term ‘BAME’ itself, and how it is used to group minorities

We will ask: ‘What should art galleries and organisations do and have in place to make you (Black, Asian and minority ethnic people) feel welcomed and encouraged to visit galleries?’

The session will take place via Zoom, and last approx an hour. Please email [email protected] to book your place.
Future Sessions

Session 2 aimed at Arts Organisations will take place on Tuesday 24th November at 2pm. Seema Manchanda will lead the discussion of how organisations are currently addressing diversity.

Session 3 aimed at both Arts Organisations and Individuals, to combine learning from the previous sessions and explore new tactics to increase diversity in the arts. It will take place Thursday 10th December, time to be confirmed.