A Golden Thread Gallery collaboration with NI LIBRARIES as part of Community Relations & Cultural Awareness Week funded through the Halifax Foundation.

Invisible Barriers: Moving Images
A Draw-Down-the-Walls Project with Zhenia Mahdi-Nau
Exhibition: Woodstock Library 1st to 30th September 2016
Workshop exploring invisible barriers with Lagan Village Youth Group: Woodstock Library, Thursday 29th September facilitated by Anne-Marie Taggart & Sinead McKeever. 

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Invisible Barriers: Moving Images is a Creative Belfast project funded through Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Belfast City Council and developed by Draw-Down-the-Walls – a partnership between North Belfast Interface Network, Lower Shankill Community Association & Golden Thread Gallery.  The exhibition includes 5 x 5 minute films and a book exploring the invisible barriers identified by communities. The films were made by artist/film-maker, Zhenia Mahdi-Nau with Lower Shankill Youth Project, Marrowbone Youth Club, GTG Summer School, Lower Shankill Adults and the Participation & Practice of Rights group’s Right to Work Right to Welfare campaign.


Working with Animals and Children
Artist: Ciara Finnegan
Whiterock Library – 1st to 30th September 2016Animals

A workshop using shadow puppets to explore the themes of the exhibition was held in Whiterock Library on Tuesday 27th September with 20 young people from Newhill afterschool group.  The workshop was facilitated by Lenka Davidikova and Sinead McKeever. 

Working with Animals and Children is a series of short stop­motion/video animations by artist, Ciara Finnegan, observing a group of toy model animals who inhabit an old Dutch pakhuis (warehouse)  style dollhouse that she calls The Grubber (after the name of a sweet shop in a Roald Dahl tale). The relationship between the animals and the functions of the living space are deliberately obscure hinting at zoo, detention centre, migration, etc but no single label quite fits.


Radio Relay
Artists: Paddy Bloomer, Colm Clarke, Graham Fagen, Philip Hession, Gareth Moore, Sara Morrison, Mhairi Sutherland.
Exhibition: Colin Glen Library from 19th September to 30th October 2016
Workshop: Colin Glen Library – Thursday 29th September with Men’s Shed Group – facilitated by Colm Clarke and Gareth Moore 

Paddy 5

Radio Relay was co-commissioned by Golden Thread Gallery and 14-18 NOW, a major cultural programme taking place across the United Kingdom to mark the centenary of the First World War. Radio Relay used radio as a way to connect with and reflect upon the past.  This exhibition shows examples of some of the work produced by the 7 artists working on the projects and offers library visitors an opportunity to get involved in a major art project.  Foxhole Radio Building workshop and we can also offer a unique workshop for 14–18 year olds interested in learning how to become a radio presenter.  The exhibition includes a short film and photographs that capture the energy and creativity of the Radio Relay project.



You and Me
Artist: Sarah Maple
Ormeau Library – 19th September to 30th October 2016
Workshops exploring the themes of the exhibition will be held in Ormeau Library on 19th September, 26th September and 3rd October 2016. These workshops are facilitated by Sara Morrison.


You and Me is an exhibition by Sarah Maple, a London based artist renowned for her diverse and challenging practice. For this exhibition she channels her inner Disney Princess and photographs herself as a Disney Princess in a range of typically male environments.  Golden Thread Gallery exhibited this work in Shankill library in 2014 along with a workshop that gave young girls and boys the opportunity to explore positive female role models and photograph each other as astronauts, doctors, teachers, judges, etc.