Thu 22nd August - Sat 5th October
12:00 am

22.8.2013 – 05.10.2013


Maurice Doherty – Ciara Finnegan – Kandy Fong – James Franco – Kristin Lucas – Nicolas Provost

Nancy Jo Sales – Peter Spiers – Jeanne Susplugas

Rooting itself in film, video and the language of cinema, Psychic Driving explores the consequences of fascination and obsession. Through the intense study of a specific subject, the potential exists to become consumed by it, losing sight of what we were initially drawn to or captivated by.

Something instinctual now drives these obsessions over which we no longer have control, and both the subject and ourselves risk being forever altered, for better or worse. Propelled by fascination, we love, interrogate and probe, but these acts can ultimately become harmful and obsessive, with the power to transform, mutate and destroy.

Through video, installation and writing, Psychic Driving pulls viewers into a world where everything has been – or has the potential to be – taken to the extreme, with devastating consequences. Horror, sci-fi, drugs, money, fame, violence, humour and sex collide as morality is pushed aside and the uninhibited inner workings of the mind gain control.

Where does obsession stop before we are wholly consumed by it?

We are no longer in the driver’s seat. Something else is in control. This is Psychic Driving.

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In collaboration with Golden Thread Gallery, the Queen’s Film Theatre presents an accompanying film programme to Psychic Driving. This selection of films delves deeper into the themes of the exhibition opening up new forms of entry and interpretation: American Psycho; Cruel Intentions; Secretary;Spring Breakers; and The Virgin Suicides.

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Please join us for the Psychic Driving after party at The Dockers Club, 57 Pilot Street,

Thursday 22 August, 8pm – late. Soundtrack provided by Moxie DJs.

Psychic Driving has been curated in collaboration with Ben Crothers.

Golden Thread Gallery 84-94 Great Patrick Street Belfast BT1 2LU

T. +44 (0) 28 9033 0920 E. W. www.goldenthreadgallery.

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Golden Thread Gallery Director Peter Richards, Curator Ben Crothers, Head of QFT Susan Picken and artists Maurice Doherty, Ciara Finnegan and Peter Spiers will discuss Psychic Driving, from its conception and the exhibited works to the wider themes surrounding the relationship between art and film.

Golden Thread Gallery, Friday 23 August, 1pm – Admission Free

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