GTG Artists Present: Dorothy Hunter

For our second episode artist Dorothy Hunter has created a new video in which she explores her installation ‘The Appropriate Changes Having Been Made‘, shown in the GTG as part of the first Dissolving Histories exhibition in 2017/18.

Dorothy reveals that “‘The necessary changes having been made’ is the rough translation of the term ‘Mutatis Mutandis’. It is used to acknowledge when two situations brought together analogously are not directly comparable, anticipating and pre-empting counter-argument. The Appropriate Changes Having Been Made is an installation working with material, historical, ideological and digital anticipation and retrospect, and acts of appropriation that can occur in this anticipation. It uses reference points such as Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’, an enigmatic artefact of the Humboldt forum in Berlin, filmed promotional material for the production of bomb-proof facades, impossible geological formations printed on adhesive vinyl, and a website google-translated from Russian theorising the antediluvian world.”

Watch Dorothy’s film here or for a subtitled version watch on the GTG YouTube channel, and explore photographs of the exhibition by the artist and by Simon Mills below.

Funded by the Community Foundation NI.




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