Two Minds: Ten Artists and Ten Architects


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Fully illustrated in colour
ISBN 978-0-9557469-0-1
Format: Softback

No. of pages: 50
Published by Golden Thread Gallery

The Royal Society of Ulster Architects in collaboration with Arts & Business initiated an ambitious art and architecture collaboration. Ten of the region’s leading architects practices team with ten individual artists from Ireland and abroad. This initative succeeded in involving artists in the very core of the architectural design process, with artistic products in the built environment including: fully integrated light and sound installations, glass art, printmaking, interactive sculpture, site-specific temporary installations and permanent public art.

The artist/ architect partnerships that were forged are: Gerry Murphy + Keys and Monaghan Architects, Dara McGrath + Robinson McIlwaine Architects, Lucy Turner + Hegarty Architects, Tara Kennedy +Studiorogers, Louise Rice +Caroline Dickson Architects, Brian Connolly +Robinson Patterson Partnership, Tony Stallard + Hall Black Douglas Architects, Janet Preston + Kennedy Fitzgerald & Associates, Lulu Quinn +Mackel & Doherty Architects, and Adam Kalinowski +Todd Architects.


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