The Garden 7″vinyl record by Graham Fagen




7 inch Vinyl in printed sleeve, edition of 500, 2016.

Comes complete with a Golden Thread Gallery and 14-18 NOW co-commissioned ‘Radio Relay’ 48-page, soft back publication and project Tote Bag.

‘The Garden’ created by Graham Fagen for a site at Grey Point Fort as part of ‘Radio Relay’, a multi-media arts project conceived by Golden Thread Gallery and funded by 14-18 NOW WW1 Centenary Art Commissions.


About the project

‘Radio Relay’ consisted of new artworks and projects co commissioned by 14-18 NOW, the UK’s arts programme for the First World War centenary, and Golden Thread Gallery. From the world’s first radio broadcast during the Easter Rising to the first trench-radio experiments in the Battle of the Somme – radio technology has played an important role.  Between 17th and 19th June 2016, ‘Radio Relay’ tuned into the magic of radio with a schedule of new artworks and projects co commissioned by 14-18 NOW and Golden Thread Gallery.

The project featured new artworks and projects by Graham Fagen, Paddy Bloomer, Colm Clarke, Gareth Moore, Philip Hession, Sara Morrison and Mhairi Sutherland.


About the Artist

Graham Fagen is an artist based in Glasgow, Scotland.  His work mixes media and crosses continents and his recurring artistic themes, such as our relationship to our environments, histories, individual journeys, and popular music, are used as attempts to understand the powerful forces that shape our lives. He now exhibits internationally and in 2015 represented Scotland at the 56th Venice Biennale. He is represented by Matt’s Gallery, London.

Back in 1997, Graham was part of Resonate – with the Grassy Knoll collective and Catalyst Arts, Belfast.  Golden Thread Gallery has been interested in developing a project with him for some time and RADIO RELAY was the catalyst to making this happen.  Graham has used radio as a medium in several artworks, from Radio Roselle to his notable “Owner of Broadcasting” series.  In 1999 he was commissioned by the Imperial War Museum as the Official War Artist for Kosovo.  He also developed War c/w I Murder Hate at the Empire Café in Glasgow for 14-18 NOW.  We felt that his ideas would complement the spirit of RADIO RELAY and resonate with some of the other WW1 Centenary Commissions.

Graham’s inspiration comes from a variety of influences and was a development on the War/ Garden neon sign that he created for his presentation in Venice. Using historical references, including Robert Burns, Bob Marley and Haile Selassie 1 King of Ethiopia, this multi-layered audio installation invites you to “Come into the Garden and Forget About the War”–  a phrase taken from a recreated sign in the Talbot House Museum, Poperinge, Belgium that was founded by Philip “Tubby” Clayton in 1915. It was described as a clubhouse open to all soldiers.  For the soldiers, this place became their home away from home during WW1 and it was described by Tubby as “an oasis of serenity in a world gone mad”.

The Garden was created specifically for the site at Grey Point Fort as part of RADIO RELAY with the aim of constructing a contemplative space for visitors to engage with the work in a site that was already charged with the history of WW1.  Grey Point Fort was developed as a living history museum by a group of Amateur Radio enthusiasts, collectors and volunteers with a passion for the history of both World Wars and a great deal of knowledge about radio.  The space is eclectic, eccentric and un-curated and this was very much part of its charm.  In this very unique setting The Garden explores universal perceptions of war and provides an opportunity for people to exchange their experiences about it in an incidental way.  This sense of exchanging experiences is at the root of most of Graham’s work and his diverse inspirations create poetic spaces where meaning can be allowed to flourish.

Additional information

Weight 450 g
Dimensions 220 × 220 mm


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