Project Print – Mhairi Sutherland



Mhairi Sutherland

Project Print Edition

Featured Artist: Mhairi Sutherland
180mm x 120mm x 2
C-Print Diptych
Mounted on Dibond
Edition: 10

Mhairi Sutherland’s work explores the archaeology of military environments and the shaping of landscape by political forces. For Radio Relay she choreographed PRONTO, a ‘performance’ at Grey Point Fort with young cadets from the local area. This performance work,  explores the idea of the ‘People’s Megaphone.’ This form of communication, where groups of protestors repeat a speaker’s message, has been utilised in public demonstrations, including the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement, to enable crowds to communicate when other forms of amplified broadcast have been restricted.
Mhairi Sutherland is an artist based in Derry. She was awarded a PhD in 2012 from DIT, Dublin for her thesis through arts practice in photography, conflict and landscape.


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