Project Print – Gareth Moore




Project Print Edition

Featured Artist: Gareth Moore
Homage to Marconi
180mm x 120mm x 2
C-Print Diptych
Mounted on Dibond
Edition: 10

Featured Artist

Gareth Moore was the resident “detector of airwaves” from the early days of the Radio Relay. In the build up to Radio Relay Gareth facilitated a numbers of fox-hole radio building sessions throughout Belfast.
His research uncovered many of the key historical events that gave the Radio Relay its impetus. Inspired by Guglielmo Marconi’s early radio experiments, Gareth joined with artists Paddy Bloomer, Colm Clarke and the spirit of Marconi, at Giant’s Ring, in a valiant attempt to connect to past frequencies using silver balloons and fox-hole radios built at the workshops with schools and groups.
Gareth Moore is an artist based in Belfast. Prior to completing a BA in Fine Art IN 2015 he was a self-taught Blacksmith in Omagh. During this time Gareth honed his techniques of marrying traditional craft process with new-wave approaches. He was awarded the Flax Art Student Graduate Residency in 2015 and since relocating to Belfast he has become more interested in exploring socially aware practices that use the arts to connect with socially engaged campaigns.

About the Project

‘Radio Relay’ consisted of new artworks and projects co commissioned by 14-18 NOW, the UK’s arts programme for the First World War centenary, and Golden Thread Gallery. From the world’s first radio broadcast during the Easter Rising to the first trench-radio experiments in the Battle of the Somme – radio technology has played an important role.  Between 17th and 19th June 2016, ‘Radio Relay’ tuned into the magic of radio with a schedule of new artworks and projects co commissioned by 14-18 NOW and Golden Thread Gallery.

The project featured new artworks and projects by Graham Fagen, Paddy Bloomer, Colm Clarke, Gareth Moore, Philip Hession, Sara Morrison and Mhairi Sutherland.



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