A Shout in the Street : Collective Histories of Northern Irish Art


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Declan McGonagle


The third instalment of the Golden Threads Collective Histories of Northern Irish Art,

McGonagle insightfully illustrated a range of contextual factors that have contributed to the formation of a diverse range of contemporary art practices/strategies in the past two decades. A Shout in the Street questions the way in which art from Northern Ireland is perceived, and attempts to deconstruct and redefine the differences between art and non-art.  The exhibition brought together a variety of works, from the street as well as media, which would not necessarily be defined as art.  The items exhibited are to be considered as ‘moments of anxiety, in a dialogue between what is validated as art and what is not’.

Featuring the work of John Byrne; the Cain archive; John Carson and Conor Kelly; Danny Devenny and Mark Ervine; John Duncan; Factotum; GarethHumphreys; Sandra Johnson; Alastair MacLennan; Colin middleton; Locky morris; Philip Napier; Aisling O’Beirn; Daniel O’Neill and Victor Sloan.

Fully illustrated in Colour
ISBN 978-0-9557469-2-5
Format: Hardback
Size: 210x210mm
No. of pages: 50
Published by Golden Thread Gallery
September 2008





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