iBeholder is live! Let’s go on an art-venture!

Want to get to know our gallery better, discover what goes on behind the scenes and try something new? From next week you can use iBeholder to do just that! iBeholder is a brand new platform for arts audiences in Northern Ireland, available to use for free from your phone. 

Visiting an exhibition can sometimes leave you full of questions. How did the artist create this? How did this photographer end up in this situation in the first place? What was the creative process? 

We partnered with The Audience Agency and thrive so we could provide you with all the answers at the edge of your fingertips while getting to know you better. You won’t have to download anything & it won’t use up space on your device. Simply scan the QR code on your next visit to the Golden Thread and learn some cool facts about the exhibition! Not keen to use your phone while at the gallery but still curious to find out what it’s all about? iBeholder can be accessed at any time, whether it’s during your visit to our gallery or later from the comfort of your own home. We’ll have handouts with the QR code for you to take home. 

We’re looking forward to seeing you from 12th April to the 13th June!

In partnership with The Audience Agency, G39 Cardiff and thrive. Supported by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland’s Creative Industries Seed Fund and Future Screens NI