Forms of Resistance

Thu 9th November - Wed 20th December
All Day

Forms of Resistance
Curated by Gabriel Bogossian; featuring artists: Cândido José Mendes Almeida and Hélio Alvarez; Ruy Solberg; Rita Moreira; Karol Radziszewski; Kika Nicoleta; Akram Zaatari; Roy Dib; Virginia de Medeiros; Luiz Roque; Maria Kramar; Bita Razavi; Clive van den Berg; and Hui Tao.

This exhibition was presented as part of the Outburst Queer Arts Festival, by VideoBrasil and Outburst, in association with Golden Thread Gallery.

In this exhibition, curated by Videobrasil’s Gabriel Bogossian, documentaries and single channel videos bring the voice of a community that, although not formally articulated, share a history marked by violence, but also by original, inexhaustible forms of resistance.

The Videobrasil Historical Collection in São Paulo hosts the most important archive of video production and video art from the Global South. Within this vast audiovisual library it is possible to recognise in different moments – directly or indirectly- the presence of a certain LGBTQI perspective. The collection contains video works from the 19 editions of Videobrasil Festival, donations from artists and pieces commissioned in Videobrasil’s residency programs.

Supported by Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Belfast City Council