Annoucing notte sopra, vipere sotto

Fri 7th September - Thu 25th October
All Day

Annoucing notte sopra, vipere sotto
Curated by Peter Richards, featuring artist: Irene Bindi

The Golden Thread Gallery is delighted to present ‘Annoucing notte sopra, vipere sotto’ the first solo exhibition in the North of Ireland by Winnipeg-based artist Irene Bindi’s. Bindi’s project initiated at an Artarcadia artists-residency in Le Caselle, Italy, takes as its starting point Oskar Fishinger’s ‘Walking from Berlin to Munich(1927). As an exercise, Bindi walked from one Apennine Valley village to another 27km away, taking hundreds of photographs in preparation for a conceptual ‘film’ documenting the journey.

In the ‘Annoucing notte sopra, vipere sotto’ installation, layered field recordings and collages in repetition form segments of the walk, deliberately indistinguishable as start, rest, or end points.  At night, Bindi recorded animal screams in the Valley, and people’s footsteps through the village streets and on inexplicably ever-present marble staircases in the disrepaired buildings. Instead of presenting a chronology of the walk itself, notte sopra, vipere sotto selects a few photographs as templates, recreating, disordering and repeating images, altering the walk from a line into a knot where deadly and slow moving vipers continue to sleep coiled in the grasses lining the roadways.

About the artist:

Irene Bindi‘s work combines variations of installation, collage, and sound. Informed by formal and structural elements of experimental cinema, her projects often manifest as “film without film”, where material film forms the conceptual starting point for an exploration.  In recent work, the deconstruction and reconstruction of the moving and/or photographic image using non-photographic material attempts to evoke epistemological questions about the essential image, material/medium adherence, and culturally defined areas.

Aiming to question the prescribed narrative and cultural value of objects and spaces, Bindi’s interest is in breaking down images and their surroundings to simple physical relations and generating confusion. She is interested in the way that inversions, material alterations, and re-contextualizations can affect the way that we navigate artworks.

As a visual and sound artist, she has exhibited and performed in venues across Canada and United States. She holds an MA in Film Studies from York University, and is production editor for the progressive Winnipeg-based book publisher ARP Books.

Supported by Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Belfast City Council