Under cover of Darkness
An exhibition of works by Fergus Jordan

Fergus Jordan’s new exhibition ‘Under cover of darkness’ provides the critical distance necessary in order to think about darkness and light in relation to territory and identity. Just as darkness contributes to the sense of fragmentation, division and control of the landscape, the visual composition of these photographs operate by disclosing the minimal amount of information necessary to negotiate the scene. This paradox positions the viewer to read the space through a limited dialogue of darkness and light, one or the other. Mirroring the social dualities of these spaces, a dialectic that sits uncomfortably in the sectarian landscape.

Secondly, the series attempts to open up a channel for critical discussion and further interrogation of these night time spaces. Scrutinizing the sense of dislocation and exposure, presence and absence within the framework of post-conflict society. These situations are carefully orchestrated through digitally manipulating the photographs, permitting the simulation of tension throughout the work. The resulting use of staging becomes highly ambiguous, playful even, positioning darkness and light as both safe and menacing, remaining intentionally suggestive, evoking a succession of endless questions that draws the viewer into a downward spiral of heightened anxiety and paranoia.

About The Artist

Fergus Jordan (b.1982) is an artist based in Belfast, Northern Ireland where he is currently completing his Ph D at the University of Ulster.  His research examines the representation of the city at night conducted through a practice led, photographic examination of Belfast, Northern Ireland.  His work has been exhibited in group shows across the U.K and Ireland, most recently in, ‘The Open West’, Summerfield Gallery Gloucestershire 2011, The Centre for Creative Practices Dublin 2011, and The Hotshoe Gallery London 2011. He is also a recent recipient of the individual arts award grant from the Art’s Council of Northern Ireland in 2011.  His work is also held in the Arts Council of Northern Ireland Collection.

Press & Reviews : https://storify.com/GoldenThread1/under-cover-of-darkness

Supported by Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Belfast City Council

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