The Hundred Languages of Children

The Hundred Languages of Children
Children’s Exhibition from Reggio Emilia Preschools

“This exhibition is opposed to every prophetic pedagogy, which knows everything before everything happens. Which teaches children that days are the same, that there are no surprises, and adults that they must only repeat what they were not able to learn.” Loris Malaguzzi

“To know how to speak to everyone, of the infinite richness of children’s potentialities, their capacity for wonder and research, their capacity for co-constructing knowledge through processes that are relational, active and original: this has always been the exhibition’s primary objective.” Loris Malaguzzi

The Hundred Languages of Children exhibition is a fundamental reference point for Italian and international pedagogical culture. With five European editions and a North American edition since 1987, showings all round the world, and hundreds of thousands of visitors of every nationality, the exhibition is rooted in the experience of Reggio Emilia’s municipal educational institutions, and still today bears witness to the extraordinary and original journeys of research that take place inside them.

The exhibition was conceived by Loris Malaguzzi and his closest collaborators, and tells the story of an educational adventure which has always been a weave of experience, thinking, discussion, theoretical research, and the ethical and social ideals of children, teachers and parents. Loris Malaguzzi called it a ‘narrative of the possible’: an unceasing collective work of action and research which at its centre places children who are ‘competent at knowing and researchers into meanings’.

During its long journey, venue after venue, The Hundred Languages of Children created important opportunities for dialogue between Reggio Emilia and several other educational realities. It was an important tool for communicating and diffusing the Reggio Emilia Approach. Since 2008, this story has been continued with another exhibition titled The Wonder of Learning.


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