Meat Clunk
Featuring artists: Paddy Bloomer;  Helen Lavery; Lisa Malone; and Ralf Sanders


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MEAT CLUNK is an exquisite marriage of human and mechanical relationships. This visual art exhibition explores cause and effect, with machines and materials tested for tolerance levels.

About the artists: 

Paddy Bloomer will give us a vision of the punter’s descent, with his take on the stair lift. There are rumours of strange noises like the Countdown theme tune, combined with a slow motion catering disaster!

Helen Lavery’s Stop Motion Machine began its life as a collection of reclaimed material, traditional binding methods and digital printed stills, using animated footage developed during her residency at Digital Arts Studios. Come in and see how it has transformed. The Machine has evolved!

Lisa Malone makes a magical conversation happen between her steel drawing and its own shadow. Malone is an artist that knows how to describe her world with a pure and simple line that wanders, twists and then hops quickly off into the horizon.

Ralf Sander has collected tubas and trumpets from around the world to create a new instrument with an important message. The Armageddon Machine is a sculptural construction exploring the use of fear to reduce our human rights, a powerful instrument of manipulation which will have you asking questions about the world in which we live.

We welcome children and families to spend some time in the space making fantastically freaky paper dolls for the duration of the exhibition, think Lady Gaga’s meat dress meets nuts and bolts!

Toys On Tour

Oh and don’t forget to bring your special friend to visit the Golden Thread Gallery during Meat Clunk and join in the fun ‪#‎ToysonTour and get your photo taken with your buddy.

Supported by Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Belfast City Council

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