Curated by Dr. Slavka Sverakova; featuring artists: Moira McIver; Amanda McKittrick.

The exhibition sets about to explore the rational and irrational notions of contemporary life. The exhibition features multimedia works by Moira McIver and Amanda McKittirck, alongside an essay by Dr. Siun Hanrahan and foreword by Dr. Slavka Sverakova

Moira McIver

‘Historical material operates on a multitude of levels: from the ‘factual’ description to physical object, from the personal recollection to the public record. This evidence often encourages subjective interpretation and imaginative speculation. The abundance of information reinforces rather than dispels our need to authenticate through the particular. This work explores notion of heroism and identity, how certain individuals defy categorization, challenging social expectations and blurring the boundaries between fact and mythology. How do we define heroic? When does the ordinary become heroic?’ Moira McIver

Portrait, Diary, Biography is one of a series of projects exploring representations of the individual. McIver is interested in the complexity of information which forms evidence of past lives. Her work questions and expands the possibilities of ‘portraiture’ through photography, video and digital media.

Amanda McKittrick

‘Science has created ways to visualize the physical form of our cells but to deeply understand the human experience of illness we need to think not just of the physical but the emotional. How it looks does not make full sense of our physical experience of our bodies.

‘Medicine has increasingly constructed a visual world of invisible form..’ Irvine Loudon

Blood Portraits is about this invisibility, the visual distancing of people from their own bodies on a cellular level. We cannot see the cells of the body with the naked eye. We are dependent on specialist equipment and knowledge to verify and interpret our cellular state of being.

Supported by Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Belfast City Council

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