An exhibition by Margaret Hart;  Zach Horn;  Elizabeth Marran;  and Cat Mazza.


From the University of Massachussetts, Boston present an exhibition showcasing the wide variety of skills and mediums found at this prestigious institution. Despite the variety of the artistic approaches brought forward, the exhibition is inherently about people. These themes on people vary from Hart’s collages probing gender norms, Horn’s video and drawing work surrounding ideas of the neighbour, Marran’s abstract narratives and textile work by Mazza using traditional patterns as markers of social cohesion.

BOSTON will transport a small representation of Boston’s artistic breadth to Belfast. BOSTON seeks to transplant artwork to Belfast, to reposition a distinctly American notion of location into a new context. While the participating artists work in a myriad of styles and materials, their sense of place is eminently personal.

The project came about through dialogues at Scope New York 2015 and evolved into a conversation about potential partnerships with Boston. Boston and Belfast share a deep cultural connection.

“Together, Boston and Belfast will strive to foster educational exchanges, promote cultural understanding, and stimulate economic development through our new Sister City relationship. We look forward to new beginnings with our ‘sister’ Belfast, as this formal agreement goes far beyond a declaration on ink on paper; it truly speaks to our historic connection, genuine ties, and deeply linked heritage.” Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh.

This is the first time these artists have exhibited together and the work draws links between their professional lives and their artistic voices. Their diversity in practice represents a broad conversation: the works don’t quite match, nor do they need to. This presentation in Belfast provides space in which to approach the work: to see something new in these links and dialogues.

Golden Thread Gallery’s artistic vision is engaged with the fluidity of history and the multiplicity of points of view. The programme investigates how moments in time can have an irrevocable impact on perspective. Our surroundings shape how we read meaning: an event can be something or nothing depending on where it occurs or what we have previously experienced.

Supported by Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Belfast City Council

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