Artists in residence at Digital Arts Studios: Charlotte Bosanquet; eegb; Hannah McBride; and Muireann Nic Cába



Analogue is what we understand as the precursor of the digital age, a time before machines were silenced. Analogues is an exhibition of work developed by artists in residence at the Digital Arts Studios Belfast. Featuring work by Charlotte Bosanquet, eegb, Hannah McBride and Muireann Nic Cába, the exhibition explores the space in which contemporary artists navigate between the two modes.  A combination of audio, sculpture, drawing and performance, Analogues highlights the approaches of artists working today who choose to traverse technologies.

About the artists: 

eegb (George Baldwin and Edmund Eva) is a drawing and technology research duo.

We use robots to simulate various behavioural phenomena. These robots collectively draw on a large scale, each mapping its own movement and interactions with other robots producing a graph of each system’s behaviour. The robotic units also serve as a mechanical extension of the artist, and as a medium allow us to explore and visualize concepts concerning power, creativity, authorship and the act of mark-making.

We research and explore the behaviours, patterns and systems in nature, looking at organisms that form large groups and how the simple interactions between individual organisms creates a more complex whole. Our aim is to emulate and illustrate these systems, and through the use of technology, capture their intrinsic aesthetic.

Hannah McBride – Through the use of objects evoking notions of archaeology, anthropology and museology, I aim to encourage a questioning of representations of landscapes and their history. There will always be aspects of our culture and heritage unfamiliar or unknown to us, and I am interested in to what degree a landscape image is complicit in this concealment.

Hannah McBride graduated from University of Ulster in 2012, specialising in sculpture. She held a solo show in artist-run space Satis House in 2012 and was recently commissioned to create a site-specific piece at Catalyst Arts. Her practice encompasses sculpture, installation, photography and work of a site-specific nature.

Muireann Nic Cába Audio Portraits Tour The Audio Portraits tour is a snapshot of Belfast, a contemporary archive (Feb – May 2015)

I recorded live interviews with some of the people living and working in the Cathedral Quarter. Having lived here for a number of years, I have built a relationship with the place itself. I wish to draw attention to local people, local voices, stories, anecdotes and local expression that brings a vibrant colour to the space. I really like the relationship of the tangible paper pop-up map and the ephemeral virtual experience. I want to create an art experience where the user can interact using their handheld device freely interacting with the space.

Muireann holds a BA in Fine Art, Sculpture and Combined Media from Limerick School of Art and Design and an MA in Interactive Media from University of Limerick. Originally from County Galway, now living and working in Belfast. ‘My artistic process is rooted in both my interests of innovative technology and the crossover with more traditional mediums. I believe that the interactive medium provides a rich environment to explore the connections between people and art. In addition to my interactive projects I have exhibited several works including, drawings, paintings and sound art installations.

Charlotte Bosanquet – I have argued that art is a collaborative process that can’t exist without the help and dialogue of others. Using “rigmorolish” site-specific actions and engaged community arts practise I perform, direct and facilitate actions, performances and events which attempt to democratise their encounter by encouraging shared experiences.

Charlotte Bosanquet is an artist and curator who graduated from Glasgow School of Art (2004) and moved to Belfast in 2008. She was a Catalyst Arts co-director from 2009-2011. From 2004 to 2007 Charlotte co-curated Cabin Exchange in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Melbourne. She was selected for the Curator in Residence, PS², (2011), curated FieldWork for the Niland Gallery, Galway, and Tock Tock in the Craft Collective, Belfast among others. Her practice has included working as an artist in communities for the Upper Springfield Development Trust and the Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast. She was shortlisted for EVA 2014 and in 2014 was represented by the Golden Thread at Scope Art Fair, New York. She is a founding member of PRIME collective.

Supported by Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Belfast City Council

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