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Golden Thread Gallery (GTG) is a medium-scale, publicly funded, contemporary art gallery based in Belfast that is recognised as having charitable status. It provides a welcoming space for the public to engage with contemporary visual art, and has grown steadily since it was founded in 1998. GTG is recognised for its engagement with recent histories and re-imagined futures: the majority of its programme is engaged with offering the public a contextual experience of the visual art of our time.

GTG is a member of the Plus Tate network, a lead partner in the Draw-Down-the Walls collaboration and is accredited by Investors in People.

Golden Thread Gallery (GTG) plays an important role in the provision of contemporary visual art in Belfast and Northern Ireland:

Creating a context, challenging perceptions, promoting creativity, delivering contemporary visual art for all

Our purpose in doing this is to:

  • Offer the public a contextual experience of visual art of our time
  • Present quality and innovative artistic programs that capture the diversity of contemporary arts practice and which engage, educate, challenge and inspire.
  • Develop, support and promote the work of contemporary Northern Irish artists and contemporary visual arts practice.
  • Build and engage the widest possible audience for contemporary arts, extending the reach of the arts, and nurturing a deep understanding and enjoyment of current visual arts practice within the broader community
    The Golden Thread Gallery delivers its vision across a portfolio of three interconnected activities: Audience, Participation, and Support and Profiling.


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