The Golden Thread Gallery is delighted to present LOVE ART BUY ART, a special showcase of local, exceptional artwork from artists who sell their work, available at accessible prices. This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who has ever wished to invest in an original piece of contemporary art by an artist whose work is gaining increasing acclaim and recognition.

LOVE ART BUY ART has been devised to be a direct response to the very difficult circumstances that we are all dealing with through the COVID crisis of 2020 and into 2021. Individual artist earnings have been decimated over the course of 2020. In order to support our local arts community in a meaningful way, the Golden Thread Gallery has selected nine artists for this opportunity to showcase their work.

The participating artists are: Lisa Allan, Lorraine Burrell, Catherine Davison, Richard Gosnold, Gerry Gleason, Michelle McKeown, Lisa Malone, Mhairi Sutherland and Gary Shaw.

Throughout February and March, we will be bringing you an online showcase of each of the artworks installed in the gallery. This will include profiling each artist through our website and social media, along with videos interviews and images of their work.

The GTG will not be taking any commission from sales made through LOVE ART BUY ART.

How do I buy an artwork?

All sales are through the artists themselves. We’ve put a link to each of their social media / websites / contact info below. You can also drop us an email at [email protected] and we will pass it on to the artist on your behalf.

A price list for all the artworks is also linked below.

About the Artists

Lisa Allan

Based in Northern Ireland, Lisa Allan’s work is a creative analysis of ceramic material culture, exploring processes of alteration, renewal and transformation. Side-stepping established boundaries of material and manufacture, the work seeks to make new connections in the slippage between creative processes. Forms are altered, dissected or assembled, made gigantic or made miniature, with each intervention paying tribute to an original. Harmonious or incongruous, the work aims to animate a shifting dialogue between the forms.

Lorraine Burrell

Burrell is from Belfast where she lives and works.  She completed an MFA at the University of Ulster in 2005. Burrell’s practice is concerned with documenting the female body in a variety of spaces. Photographing herself has always been challenging in the context of revealing her own identity.  As a consequence of this tug between what to expose and what to hide, Burrell constructs props to use as covers.

Catherine Davison

Catherine Davison is an artist currently residing in Belfast with a studio in QSS. Her work is primarily about freedom, expressed through the medium of paint. Her aim is to create a sensory experience through visual hyperbole. She uses bright colours and rhythmic patterns to stir up the senses and draw attention to the vitality of nature. The work is often large scale allowing freedom for expansive gestures and experimentation in the application of paint.

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Richard Gosnold

Richard Gosnold  is  an  artist  working  with  photography who  is based  in  Northern  Ireland. His practice explores the transient nature of perception and reality, as experience, through absence, memory and consciousness, employing various photographic processes to explore this relationship. Previous artworks have covered themes such as:  belonging, isolation, vulnerability, transience and loss.

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Gerry Gleason

In a career spanning 40 years a substantial period of Gerry Gleason’s art practice has been played out against the backdrop of the Northern Ireland Troubles. He was a founder member of Belfast’s Queen Street Studios, which operated in the centre of the city during the course of the Troubles. he has had numerous national and international exhibitions and his work is held in significant collections.

Michelle McKeown

Michelle McKeown is a practising artist based in Belfast currently undertaking doctoral research in painting and feminist theory at Ulster University. Her recent practice operates at the intersection of painting and digital printing technologies. Working through representations of ‘woman’ as she has been encoded historically in Western visual culture, Michelle McKeown seeks to articulate an alternative vision of female subjectivity through paint. Born in Northern Ireland, McKeown studied at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin 1998 – 2001 and the Royal College of Art, London, 2005 -2007.

Lisa Malone

Malone was born in Co. Louth, Ireland, studied at the University of Ulster and lives and works in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Malone’s work is a gentle comment on human nature, suggestive rather than literal, and allows a multitude of readings. Malone uses print, sculpture, and kinetic elements, sometimes overlapping to create a final piece. The work presents alternate worlds, exploring the narratives between singular beings and the world at large, looking at structures, containment, people’s interactions with each other and the landscapes they have created for themselves.

Mhairi Sutherland

Mhairi Sutherland is a visual artist and curator based in the north-west of Ireland, working with photography, moving image and drawing. Sutherland’s work explores an axis of conceptual and actual tension, the slippage and contradictions between the visible and the less visible. Her concerns are with the instrumentality of vision as a weapon of war, the overlapping of militarism with everyday life, and the exploration of contested and archival spaces. Mirroring and reflecting strategic and tactical methods as a means of inserting art/work into spaces of contestation, the artist’s methods of formal approach and negotiation around issues of transgression/permission are integral elements of her critical framework and working practice.

Gary Shaw

Born in England, Shaw studied for his first degree in fine art at the University of South Australia. The endless variety of patterns and colours has always appealed to Gary, as witnessed by his blocks of solid colour, his painting of jockeys’ silks, the maritime flags and the geometrical shapes used to communicate with the viewer. Gary has recently been developing a new body of work drawing the many characters he sees from his studio and on his travels.

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LOVE ART BUY ART PRICE LIST (some details still TBD, we will update as soon as possible)LABA-MASTER-PRICE-LIST-UPDATEDDownload

Please note: Should lockdown restrictions as advised by the NI executive be lifted before 11th March 2021, we’ll open the gallery to the public to view the work. Full COVID safety measures will be in place should this happen.

Terms & Conditions

The Golden Thread Gallery is not providing a sales system or handling any transactions directly. Artists are responsible for all sales.

The Golden Thread Gallery accepts no responsibility or liability, financial or otherwise, for any transaction made between an artist and buyer via this promotion, including technical or security issues at the point of sale, delivery delays, returns, damage or quality issues.

Artists are responsible for all their own transactions, including secure payment process, delivery and communicating with buyers.

Artists intending to sell their work must ensure they are using a safe, secure and reliable payment system which the buyer understands and accepts, and which complies with consumer protection regulations.

The Golden Thread Gallery is not responsible for communication between artist and buyer.

The Golden Thread Gallery receives no commision, financial stake or benefit from any transaction that takes place due to this promotion, nor do we receive any payment of any kind from the artists featured.