For the mid-term break we have a brand new GTG Workshop for you! Learn about symbolism in visual art with this look at how artist Thomas Brezing uses birds in his beautiful paintings, part of our current (but sadly closed) exhibition ‘Perhaps Our Awakening Is Our Deeper Dream’.

Katharine Paisley and Esther Andare explore his work and show you how to create your own bird artworks.

Birds have been used as symbols in art since the earliest cave paintings, with deeper meanings such as freedom, flight and spirituality. Think of how the robin is a symbol of Christmas, for example.

They are also incredibly beautiful and varied, so artists can enjoy using a riot of colours. How much fun would it be to paint a peacock!

What is your favourite bird? We’d love to see your avian artworks!

By Jatin Sindhu – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,