I, Daniel Blake


In Ken Loach’s multi-award winning film, I, Daniel Blake, a middle-aged carpenter who requires state welfare is joined by a single mother in a similar scenario.

Their experience captures what the Rights to Work: Right to Welfare (RTW) group have heard from so many during their outreach at dole offices across Belfast over their four years of campaigning for real jobs and protection from benefits sanctions.

The Participation and the Practice of Rights organisation supports the RTW group – a campaigning group of unemployed people.

PPR and the RTW group invite you to come along to one of the screenings and hear more about the group’s campaign for change.

Tickets: FREE

Presentation by DAS Residency Award Winners 2016

Date: 15/12/16

Join us for a christmas tipple while captureresidents present a brief overview of their eclectic thoughts and outputs.

Shane Finan is a visual artist working in painting, installation and interactive media. He takes art seriously so he doesn’t have to take life seriously.

Will McConnell is a visual artist working in video, the majority of which is re-appropriated from Google and YouTube. His focus is on the relationship between technology & the human experience, daydreaming, space (physical & virtual), out-of-body experiences and states of being.

Dan Moxham is a multimedia artist working mostly with sound and video. He is interested in lo-fi techniques and processes, making short B-movie styled films, music videos and pseudo-advertisements.

Kathleen O’Leary’s multidisciplinary practice involves creating and developing a particular goal towards inclusion and participation within an artistic and research context.