Thu 2nd May - Sat 25th May
All Day

Curated by Ben Crothers and Phillip McCrilly

2.5.2013 – 25.5.2013

Strange Loop explores the complex relationship between past, present and future, examining how the context in which we live determines our interpretation of history and our perception of the future.  The works in the exhibition challenge and explore the ways in which we remember, re-imagine, reinterpret, re-enact, revisit and repress past events, demonstrating that history can be approached just as fluidly as our imagined futures.  We are urged to question how human memory affects our perception of personal and global histories and the impact that this has on future events.

Within this, Strange Loop also considers artists, works and subject matter which are somehow out of place within their own contexts.  Whether expatriates, beings from another planet or concepts within alternate realities, the lines between fact and fiction, past, present and future all become distorted, blurred or challenged. Anachronisms, inaccuracies and disproved theories abound in the coming together of multiple temporalities which create uncertainty as to where beginning, middle and end exist, if at all.

The exhibition features works by: Amanda Beech; Cliff Chiang; EASTERJESUS PRODUCTIONS (Stine Omar and Max Boss); Simon Fujiwara; Calla Henkel and Max Pitegoff; Pil and Galia Kollectiv; Beth Lau; and Ryan Moffett.