Thu 16th February - Sat 24th March
10:30 am - 5:30 pm

Drawing inspiration from the 1924 Russian propaganda animation of the same name, Interplanetary Revolution is an exhibition looking at failing/ed ideologies; notions of otherworldliness and the uncanny; and revolutionary critique. The exhibition features contributions from a wide range of artists’, a few curators, a choir and a number of guest speakers.

Gallery 1 – It should be noted that through the duration of exhibition the artists and works in Gallery 1 may change.

The opening of the exhibition features works by: Shiro Masuyama, Gary Shaw, Laura Graham, Susan MacWilliam, Marty Carter & the Lawerence Street Workshops, Brendan Jamison, Brendan O’Neil, Colin Darke, Kim McAleese & Phillip McCrilly, Gerry Gleason and the Factotum Choir.

There is a plan of the Gallery 1 available at the entrance (it will be updated as the artists and works change).

The Backspace features Interplanetary by Ben Crothers, a new exhibition with works by: Chris Burns, Adham Faramawy, The Girls, Allan Hughes, Ryan Moffet, Brian Kennedy, Laura McMorrow, Nicolas Provost, Erik Mark Sandberg, and David Sparshott.

(A PDF download accompanying Interplanetary will be available from the Gallery Website )

Gallery 2 features R E V O L U T I O N, the reworking of an exhibition curated by Maurice Doherty for Galerie Deadfly, Berlin last September. Revolution Clockwise entering from backspace  – Ma Qiush,  Reynold Reynolds, Jofroi Amaral, Sophie Hamacher, Clemens Wilhelm, Pierre Granoux , Peter Richards, Anonymous, Rebecca Loyche, Captain Hate.

…  for further details of  Revolution click here Revolution_List_of_Artworks

Gallery 3 Jonas Mekas, The Brigg, 1964. A video reproduction of a 16mm film courtesy of the Re-Voir. “this harrowing screen exercise depicts the methodical, round-the-clock fiendishness inflicted on 10 prisoners by three guards, all of it apparently in the line of duty” New York Times

Interplanetary Revolution will be accompanied by a series of Guest Talks and Screenings – please keep an eye on the Gallery web site News Section.

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The Guest Talks series kicks off with Abir and Nisrine Boukhari in conversation with Brian Kennedy on Friday 17th February at 1.00pm


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